About Discover Earth

We aim to bring the wonder and awe of the universe into your day.

Mostly this is through the Big Ideas Network, our blog about what science knows about the universe. Check it out below!

We also have an online community, store, and memberships.

The Big Ideas Network

Our understanding of the universe is based upon a number of interlinked ideas, built over centuries by humanity's greatest minds. As Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants."

The Big Ideas Network presents these ideas concisely, with memorable stories. For example:

  • Quantum mechanics
  • The origin of each element
  • The fundamental forces of the universe
  • What makes oxygen, hydrogen, and water special

Discover Earth Community

The wonder of the universe goes far beyond us. That's why we've created an online community where anyone can participate in the wonder of our world, by posting anything from pictures to jaw-dropping facts and latest news.

A sample of groups in the community includes:

  • Great Reads
  • Amazing Apps
  • Unforgettable Locations
  • Gear and Kit

Discover Earth Store

Express your inner nerd with our science and Discover Earth merch. We've got a range of awesome products and merchandise, and it is growing over time as we find more great products. The range currently includes:

  • Prints and posters
  • Mugs, phone cases, and hats
  • T-Shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves
  • Lots more


The best way to support Discover Earth is to become a Supporting Member. You'll get exclusive access to a range of content including:

  • Reading Lists
  • Members only Big Ideas Network articles
  • Access 1000's of Big Ideas Network working drafts
  • Lots more



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