• Orion Rising

    Looking toward the east in the early hours of a September morning this single exposure made with tripod and camera captured a simple visual experience. Rising above the tree-lined slope are familiar stars in planet Earth’s northern night and the constellation Orion the Hunter. Brighter stars marking the celestial Hunter’s shoulder (Betelgeuse), foot (Rigel), belt, and sword are clearly reflected in the calm waters from northern Latvia’s Vitrupe river. Of course, winter is coming to planet Earth’s northern hemisphere. By then Orion and this beautiful starry vista will be seen rising in early evening skies.

  • How could someone be so naive as to imagine that an ideology, a thought system generated by the monkey mind, would be adequate to explain the universe? That’s preposterous. It’s like meeting a termite who tells you he’s a philosopher.

    – Terence McKenna

  • Lake Sørvágsvatn, Faroe Island by @marcograssiphotography

  • A Superb Fairy-wren in Sydney, Australia by redditor u/didgemack

  • Lion and Lioness

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