The cosmos is full of wonder and mystery

Let us show you why.

  • The time will come. All things have a beginning and an end. This is not to instill fear but to ultimately face the inevitable. The end is doubtful that it will happen within our lifetimes. It may be hundreds to thousands of years in the future but on a cosmic scale it is coming within the next second.
    This is just one of many scenarios of what is to come for humanity. It is a few hundred years from now and what we see here is not Earth. It is Mars and it has been terraformed as city lights shine brightly. Mars kept us going after Earth lost its oxygen and its temperatures rose. Billions died. Refugees, wars, water shortages and famine devastated all. The rich and the poor would succumb equally. At the same time science was trying to slow an all out extinction and the terra forming of Mars was somewhat successful but it too could not handle the stress and needs of those that were fortunate enough to survive Earth’s demise.
    At the same time thousand of interstellar crafts were built. The problem was how many biological beings could travel. For every one human that would venture to deep space there would be 5 Artificial Intelligence (AI). Humans were mortal and the AI on the other hand were destined to live forever. Although this was the case, humans in hundreds of thousands were able to escape. The hope was to keep humanity alive for as long as possible. Generation ships for humans were many. As individuals walked down corridors of these ships it was apparent that the AI were by far more numerous. Ultimately it is unknown if any biological beings would survive as the long and eternal voyages ventured out in search of that utopian world. To this day nothing has been found. The AI function superbly for sure and in the end these machines may be the only remaining evidence of humanity.
    Historical records are safely kept within the ship AI and these records are backed up by each ship and each individual AI.
    Yes, the end will come for Earth many years from now. Even if we learn lessons and do everything correctly Earth will someday wither. The Sun will expand and the atmosphere will become toxic. Oceans will evaporate so someday for sure there will be the last human on Earth. This is a certainty.
    Exploration of the cosmos is vitally important. Humanity can survive. Maybe not here on Earth but we can become the ,” Great Nomads of the Milky Way.”

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