The cosmos is full of wonder and mystery

Let us show you why.

  • referral-bonusThis incredible bird is often overlooked, until it displays its head feathers. Found in Central and South America

    redditRoyal flycatcher being released after receiving care

    Posted by Drown_In_The_Void in r/ALLTHEBIRDS

  • Just the Moon photobombing the Sun

  • The lichens look like pale green miniature goblets.

    You almost expect to find light-footed wood fairies flitting around, gulping single raindrops from the tiny lichen chalices.

  • It’s possible that oxygen from the Earth’s atmosphere is being blown to the lunar surface by solar wind, and it’s causing the Moon to rust.

  • referral-bonusThis is a skeleton shrimp. It’s unusual appearance is a camouflage to hide it among the fine filaments of seaweed on which it lives

    redditCan anyone identify this??

    Posted by ricksweden1 in r/marinebiology

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