The cosmos is full of wonder and mystery

Let us show you why.

  • Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

    (✎ by redditor grettaaa)

  • Rotating Sphere of Water in Microgravity

    (✎ by redditor FunVisualPhysics)

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  • 🔥 Black rhinos in Etosha National Park, Namibia

    (✎ by redditor metallicnightmare)

  • Evolution is a process, of which we are products, and in which we are active agents. There is no finality about the process, and no automatic or unified progress; but much improvement has occurred in the past, and there could be much further improvement in the future (though there is also the possibility of future failure and regression).
    ~ Julian Huxley (The New Divinity, 1964)

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