Changing Discord notifications

Increasing or turning off notifications is easy to do:

For individual ‘channels’

I.e. #💬┃general-chat, #👀┃media, etc.


Click the menu in the top left > Select a channel (e.g. #👀┃media) > Click the channel name at the top > Notifications > Notification Settings.

🖥️ Desktop

Ctrl+click or right click the channel name (e.g. ‘#💬┃general-chat‘) > Notification Settings

Some people turn on All Messages for #💬┃general-chat, #🎙┃original-content, #👀┃media, #🐸┃memes, and #📰┃newsletter but usually leave the other channels as is.

For the ‘server’

I.e. The entire Discover Earth Discord chat

📱 Mobile

Click the menu in the top left > Click ‘Discover Earth’ > Notifications

🖥️ Desktop

Click ‘Discover Earth’ in the top left > Notification Settings