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Our understanding of the universe is based upon a number of interlinked ideas, built over centuries by humanity's greatest minds. The Big Ideas Network presents these ideas concisely and understandably.

In this email, you'll receive two articles each week selected at random. It is the same content as what you can read on the website, the only difference is that the subscription chops it up and integrates it into your daily life. It is occasional, but in depth. These are the emails you'll get:

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This email comes from the extraordinary community at Reddit's Discover Earth subreddit network. It automatically reads daily content from its 77 subreddits, and sends you the best of the best each day. It is regular, but light & interesting.

You will receive three incredible photos and accompanying amazing facts in an email every morning. The two compliment each other to give a taste of the depth and context of almost every aspect of our world.

Topics include:

  • Galaxies, nebulae, and planets
  • Caves, deserts, and oceans
  • Animals, insects, microbes, and extinct life
  • Industries, skyscrapers, and robots

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