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  • The cosmos is full of wonder and mystery

    Let us show you why.

    • Edge-On Galaxy NGC 5866

      Why is this galaxy so thin? Many disk galaxies are just as thin as NGC 5866, pictured here, but are not seen edge-on from our vantage point. One galaxy that is situated edge-on is our own Milky Way Galaxy. Classified as a lenticular galaxy, NGC 5866 has numerous and complex dust lanes appearing dark and red, while many of the bright stars in the disk give it a more blue underlying hue. The blue disk of young stars can be seen extending past the dust in the extremely thin galactic…

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    • referral-bonusThe next generation of falcons are now flying high above Melbourne, Australia.

      This is the exact moment the third and final chick leapt out of their nest.

    • referral-bonusThese are nuclear superbubbles, which may form when matter falls into a supermassive black hole, which releases enormous volumes of particles and strong magnetic fields

      redditThis incredible image shows a pair of β€œnuclear superbubbles,” one over 4,900 light-years across and the other over 3,500 light-years.

      Posted by LicklackS in r/spaceporn

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    • The molecular mechanisms of the Electron Transport Chain, harvest energy to pump protons across the mitochondrial membrane and create a chemical gradient.

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