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  • The cosmos is full of incredible things

    What did you discover today?

    • Imagine you’re at the petrol station filling up your car, when a splash of petrol hits the ground.  The last time these atoms saw the Sun was 300 million years ago, when the world crawled with millipedes over 8 feet in length and dragonflies flew with 30 inch wingspans through a vast global swampland.

    • referral-bonusThis used to be an ocean. 37 million years ago, this whale swam through what is now an Egyptian desert

    • referral-bonusThe cockatoo squid. Photo by Kat Bolstad

    • referral-bonusWith its many spirals and tendrils, deep-sea Iridigorgia corals create homes for a huge range of life which live along its stalks

    • Cuttlefish Mimics Being Female To Mate

    • Two eagles locking talons high above the ground might look like they’re risking injury, but it’s a normal courtship behavior called the “cartwheel display.” Fully entangled, the two birds begin spinning to the earth, disengaging just before they smack the ground. Their clasp could last for hours. At last, the eagles unlock talons and fly off. Rival adults sometimes perform the same flight. Learn more at

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