Weekly wonders #1

This is the Short Faced Bear, it lived in California 11,000 years ago. It’s the largest known mammalian carnivore and it might have hunted humans. Imagine coming face to face with this guy, and all you’ve got to defend yourself is a stone-age handheld axe.

A beautiful map of all the known asteroids in the Solar System. What if a map like this is the precursor to space exploration and mining, like the early cartographical maps of the Americas? (Image comes from u/hellofromthemoon on Reddit)

This Lion monument is from Heracleion, a sunken Egyptian city. Before the 2nd Century BC it was the primary port of Egypt. But after a catastrophic flood, its soil liquified and the entire city gradually sunk into the Mediterranean sea.

A panorama from the surface of Mars. You could walk outside tonight, point up at a light in the sky, then pull out your phone and see what it looks like on the surface.

Image source: NASA

This hummingbird sitting on a ‘Heliconia rostrata’. Neither creature is conscious of it, but both have been made for each other by a multi-million-year-old evolutionary partnership between their species. Among other things, the flower became downward-facing and vibrantly red, and the bird became small, long-beaked, and long-tongued.